Aerial Brand Advertising

Blending Your Marketing Efforts...Does Your Brand Fly?

Cheers Aerial Media Brand Advertising

What if you could use one single tool to open a window to all of your marketing efforts, including TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Mobile and Social Media and uncounted variations of each; then add an additional element, your potential customers as hands on participants?
Here are some key examples of what a thermal airship or hot air balloon program can do for you:

Cheers Corporate Brand Advertising Bonus impressions! Over 100,000 people attended this event and almost all of them had a camera and social media accounts.
Cheers Balloon and friends lighting up the field at the Great Reno Balloon Race - Photo by: Photogrick

Pure Branding and Visibility Flights

Thermal airships and hot air balloons are mobile and can be transported by vehicle to your target area. Once there, we can inflate the airship and fly it for maximum high visibility exposure. Our thermal airship can even loiter in prime target areas over rush hour traffic, auto racing and sports events or simply travel across town, in either case granting maximum visibility. It is not uncommon to see people pulling over in their cars or just stopping what they’re doing to gaze at and take pictures of the thermal airships and hot air balloons, exponentially creating additional impressions when these pictures are shared with friends, family and on social media.

Media Flights

The media loves airships and hot air balloons, so why not invite them along? When a blimps or hot air balloons are in town they get attention, so offering flights to broadcast and print media is a great way to get prime exposure. Not only can you get coverage during the media flight, but the interest and energy remains offering additional media coverage for subsequent flights. For live broadcast media, viewer and listener involvement also creates added excitement.

Media Platform

We’ve all seen blimps flying over major sports events such as football and baseball games, professional golf tournaments, auto racing and horse racing. A thermal airship can travel slow or in many cases, stay on station. The thermal airship can loiter over events where television, radio or other media can have the “birds eye view” for their broadcasts, making it an ideal camera platform for such events.

Public Relations Appearances

The thermal airship can be transported to a local mall or other shopping center, community festivals or street fairs and many other venues for public appearances. These events are prime opportunities to meet, talk and connect with your public and give them an opportunity to physically experience the thermal airship. Most will take pictures and share these with great enthusiasm. Then when they see the airship fly with your brand, it will make an unbeatable impression.

Major Community Events, Festivals, Fairs and Airshows

These public relations events are special in that the thermal airship can be on site for people to see and touch, take many pictures and selfies…and then it can fly. Once in the air with your brand, the airship will astound the spectators far beyond anything they could have imagined, then after landing it can return for close up public static display. Like the simple Public Relations appearances described above, this is a great opportunity for you to connect directly with both your current and potential customers, and share your brand with them.

Aerial Photography / Survey

When close in performance is required for aerial photography or survey work, a thermal airship is an ideal platform. Thermal airships travel low and slow and have the advantage of a pilot onboard who can navigate in close with a human perspective.

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Cheers Over California, Inc. is a full service airship and hot air balloon marketing company. We work with our clients to develop these programs from the ground up, including balloon design, chase vehicle design, setup of the online presence and acquisition of souvenirs for spectator giveaways. Additional support marketing items are also available including large inflatable shelters, cold air advertising balloons, etc.